Every story has a beginning and so does the story of Vision Seeds. More than 15 years ago Vision came into existence as a result of one man’s passion for cannabis cultivation, culture and lifestyle. This man is Danny B. founder of Vision and the thriving force behind today’s Vision Seeds.

Vision, being deeply rooted in all aspects of Dutch cannabis cultivation from both the professional as well as the recreational growers end Vision was able to keep a close eye on the development of strain genetics, the emergence of feminized seeds and the now more and more popular auto-flowering strains from the start.

At this stage Vision was mainly selling quality genetics from already well established breeders as well as a variety of products that make a successful optimized grow possible.

This all changed in the summer of ’99 when Herbal Harald joined the Vision Team. Under the expert guidance of Herbal Harald the actual Vision Seeds experimentation and strain optimization began. Using genetics from the best strains around the world, isolating the most desirable traits in terms of yields, taste, smell, effect, looks, resistance to disease and overall ease of grow, crossbreeding these strains into perfection and stabilizing them resulted in some of the amazing strains Vision Seeds is now able to offer.

Realization has taken years of trial and error and strains have only been available to the local growers in the Maastricht, Achen, Li├Ęge region – rooting out any inconsistencies, unwanted characteristics and gathering first hand grower experiences outside our own test grounds.

Then finally in 2010 we were 100% certain that we had a diverse high quality range of strains to offer the world and our all feminized seeds were officially introduced as “Vision Seeds” at Cannafest 2010 for the first time.

Since the introduction in 2010 Vision Seeds has been growing at an amazing pass, gaining rapid popularity all over Europe and beyond, available at most major seed distributors and resellers in all countries where the spread of cannabis seeds is allowed, Vision Seeds reaches as far as South America.

Vision Seeds now offers 17 strains of which 5 are auto-flowering and we will be introducing another 4 amazing strains early 2014 which will bring our total to 21 strains with only the best characteristics.

We will inform you about our new strains as soon as possible.

website: //www.visionseeds.nl
facebook: //www.facebook.com/VisionSeeds